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Do you get strung out with the amazing pace of your life? I feel it everyday. I talk to business leaders who consistently express their anxieties and frustrations with their often-chaotic lifestyle.
Our work is demanding and full of pressures. We strive to be the best husbands or wives we can be. Many of us have children who we deeply desire to spend time with. Some invest time serving others in need, but that often just becomes good intention and added guilt.  Church is a priority for many; others fit it in when possible (try having a child involved in competitive sports). And the list goes on.

Do you need help?

A few years ago, our friend Mark Saviers shared a powerful message at a WorkMatters event entitled, “What Will Your Legacy Be”. I highly recommend listening to it. His message took us back to the basics:

1 + 1 = 2 … it is a simple, predictable equation.

If we wake up, work out (or not), eat a quick breakfast, and run out the door … we will have a fairly predictable outcome.

What if we added one element to that equation… a few minutes of time alone with our Father … again, I believe we will have a fairly predictable outcome.

One approach will yield a day spent grinding. The other a day spent grounded.

I need more 1 + 1 = 2 in my life. I need to be grounded so that I have a fighting chance to reflect Christ in my life, especially at work.

Do you?

If so, let me recommend a timeless resource to you. Gordon McDonald’s Ordering Your Private World is a powerful read to help you see if some quiet time spent each day reading, praying and listening will help you find more 1 + 1 = 2.


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