Praying for Your Work

You may understand the concept of faith and work, but your don't know how to get started. You can easily begin by incorporating prayer into your work day. Turning to God before, during and after you finish your work day is a simple way to immediately begin integrating your faith and work.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Each morning, before you start your job, pray for your workday. Pray for:
     - the tasks you have,
     - the decisions you must make,
     - the people you will interact with.

• Pray for courage and boldness and wisdom and discernment.

• Pray for your manager and company leaders.

• Pray for your subordinates.

• Thank God for the blessings he has shared with you and your company.

• Ask God to bless your work and your company.

• Before you make a decision, pray for guidance.

• Before you accept a new client or a new job, pray.

• Before you take a break, pray that your speech might encourage and uplift and not tear down.

• Before you write an e-mail, pray God gives you the right words.

• When you feel stress, stop, close your door or turn down the radio in the car, and pray for two minutes.

• On the trip home, pray a transition prayer. Get off the phone, turn off the radio and pray a simple prayer to leave your work behind and prepare for your family or friends.

• Last, on the weekend, pray that God will give you rest.

Click to read workplace scriptures:

"Don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything." Phil 4:6

Download suggestions for prayer for your work:

Workplace Prayer

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