Small Group Resources for Work

Small Group Resources for Work

Workmatters small group resources for work equip you with biblical principles to help you grow as a leader.

Everyone needs community. We were created for it. There is great value in gathering with coworkers to discuss how Scripture applies to our work. Because of this, Workmatters has designed study materials for small groups to equip you to pursue God’s purpose for work in community!
People around the world are using Workmatters small group resources for work because they want to build community in their companies and integrate their faith into their leadership growth. So whatever your preference –foundational or topical studies – we have small group resources for work that address a variety of leadership development needs. And they have built-in flexibility. So whether you have 20 minutes or an hour for a small group discussion at work, you’ll find resources to fit your needs.

These small group resources for work are:
  • 100% relevant to work and leadership development.
  • 100% faith-based offering practical ways to integrate faith and work.
  • Designed to be peer-facilitated, so no teacher required!


Workmatters Studies are small group resources for work that will help you grow as a leader. Over a period of 8 to 12 sessions, you and your coworkers will learn from leaders in the Bible and gain wisdom gathered from modern-day leaders in the marketplace. Even more, you’ll be challenged to seek Christ at work in new and meaningful ways.

Each study:
  • Focuses on one of the core values of love, integrity, influence and calling.
  • Is flexible enough to be used for discussions of 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Is available in print ($15) or digital PDF ($9).
Honor Others with Love

Honor Others with Love

10-session study based on Jesus’ example

Discover that love is the most powerful tool you have for true success at work.

You’ll grow as a leader by:
  • Applying the great commandment to a workplace context.
  • Understanding how to abide with God at work.
  • Identifying practical ways to love others at work.
  • Demonstrating true servant leadership through loving others.
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Lead Courageously

Lead Courageously

12-session study based on Nehemiah

Pursue what God is calling you to do in your work with courage.

You’ll grow as a leader by:
  • Applying biblical principles so you can pursue God’s purpose for your work.
  • Tuning into what God is calling you to do daily.
  • Tapping into the courage to respond to God’s calling, even in challenging circumstances.
  • Motivating and encouraging others on your team.
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Raise the Bar On Integrity

Raise the Bar on Integrity

10-session study based on Daniel

Discover how to be part of the culture without being defined by it.

You’ll grow as a leader by:
  • Raising the bar on your integrity in very specific and powerful ways.
  • Responding to the pressure and demands of work with integrity.
  • Committing to faith-based values at work.
  • Discovering renewed passion for your work.
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Maximize Your Infuence

Maximize Your Influence

8-session study based on Esther

Identify practical ways to be intentional with your influence.

You’ll grow as a leader by:
  • Applying biblical principles in order to maximize your influence at work.
  • Expanding your influence at work and in community.
  • Seeking and follow God’s lead, not just for yourself, but together.
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Influence Builders:
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Workmatters Studies Have Impact

  • 4240 Participants
  • 420 Companies
  • 39 States
  • 12 Countries


These short videos serve as incredible small group resources for work because they equip you to face common leadership challenges in the workplace. You will learn from senior leaders from across the U.S. who lean into their faith every day.

Each video series includes three 2-minute videos followed by a summary, reflection, discussion questions and next steps. Because of their length, these videos are perfect for small group discussions when you may not have a lot of time. They also work great as a supplement to other topics covered in your small group at work.


Work:(RE)Defined: An Intro to Integrating Faith and Work

Learn how leaders in the marketplace glorify God through their work. Above all, Work Redefined lays the foundation for God’s design for work. You and your group will learn from five influential marketplace leaders and gain a clear understanding of WHY you work, HOW to live your faith at work, and WHO you can influence at work.

Each of the five modules are made up of a 10-minute video followed by a summary, reflection, discussion questions and next steps. This is a great small group resource at work for people at the start of their faith-and-work journey!


What People are Saying:

“Work was designed by God as good and existed prior to the fall. The questions encouraged really good discussion by the group.”

“The stories and scriptures encourage me in my work.”

“Faith goes beyond the workplace. And also the speaker's enthusiasm was contagious!”

“This (work as mission) is such a vitally important part of Kingdom work because we encounter a very diverse, complex, and sometimes dark mission field each and every day. There were some great reminders about influencing others for Christ and making disciples. Nicely done.”


Start a Small Group at Work Want to start a small group but not sure you’re ready? It's okay, because with Workmatters small group resources for work you don’t need to be a teacher or experienced small group leader. All resources are designed to be peer-facilitated so everyone can learn from each other.

1. Choose a Resource
Think about what you want to learn, where you want to grow as a leader, and also how long you’ll have to meet and how many times. Once you've identified that, choose the resource that best fits your needs.

2. Start any time.
Invite a few people to join your small group at work and then choose a day and time that works for everyone. Additionally, don't forget to take into consideration any work events or holidays coming up.

Schedule it around the workday. Find 30 to 60 minutes either before work or during your lunch break. Further, if you're looking to widen your network, you can even organize a group with marketplace professionals in your church or from other companies.

3. Find a meeting place.
Book a conference room at your office or meet at a coffee shop, a restaurant, or your local library.

4. Get support.
We recommend that you have a co-facilitator so you can share the work and have someone help you lead the group if you are out. You can invite someone up front or ask a group member after your small group at work gets started. Even more, this is a great leadership development opportunity for someone who may not have experience facilitating a small group at work.

Facilitator Resources. Workmatters provides the following resources to support you in making your group successful.
Facilitator Guide

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