What’s Your Motivation for Success?

It is vitally important to be diligent about checking our hearts and the motivation for success in our work. In this video, Jon Tyson explains that career idolatry is one of the biggest challenges a believer can face in his or her lifetime. When you work in busy places like New York, Los Angeles or…

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Develop Your People at the Speed of Business

One of the goals we have as leaders is to steward growth in others. A challenge many leaders face, however, is to grow their people with the same focus, passion, and intensity that they grow their business. It’s normal to experience seasons where business growth is not in alignment with people development. Sometimes it’s important to…

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The Business Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

God set the stars in their place; and while we all look to the same sky, we express our own creativity in myriad ways. Poetry, film, fashion…. The way we create and engage in these mediums is an expression of who we are. But creativity is not limited to the arts. In this video, Simon…

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Should Sunday “Really” Be All That Different?

It’s easy to divide church and work, but fundamentally they should be an integrated whole. The church experience is different than the work experience. Marc Yount, President & COO of Field Agent, explains that church is segmented from work through the way it is structured, but fundamentally there is no difference. Church was always meant…

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Is Failure Something to Be Feared?

Fear of failure holds so many back, but is it something to avoid or simply something of which to be mindful? In this video, Sean Womack explains two types of failure. Personal and moral failure can be life-shattering, but when it comes to professional failure, it can be really good if you know how to…

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