A Call to be Brave at Work

by | Mar 30, 2015

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For each new day we’re given, we’re also given opportunities to be brave. For some of us, this may mean risking our life for other people or standing up for a cause we believe in. However, for many of us, bravery looks quite different and yet, just as important. Bravery may mean speaking up in a meeting, making an unpopular decision or calling out the unethical behavior of a co-worker. I believe we face opportunities to be brave every day and it’s those situations that mold us into a great, impactful leader.

As believers in Jesus Christ we face even more opportunities to be brave as we go to work each day. Simply proclaiming and living out our faith at work requires us to step outside of what’s comfortable and be bold and courageous. It takes bravery to tell a hurting co-worker you’re praying for them. It takes bravery to leave a secure job to follow God’s call on your life. It takes bravery to selflessly serve those around you and work with excellence. Making the decision to be brave in our faith is vitally important. In fact, it may be the only way we will have influence for Christ in the marketplace.

So how do we develop the courage to be brave in our faith at work?

  1. Community– Develop relationships with a core group of people that you can talk to, share your concerns with and who will offer support when you face a difficult situations.
  2. Prayer– Lift up quick breath prayers and ask for courage to be brave in living your faith.
  3. Memorize Scripture– When we memorize scripture it allows truth to flood our minds when we have to do something hard or make a difficult decision.
  4. Learn from Others – Find a mentor or someone you admire and learn more about how they integrate their faith and work. Implement some of their tactics that they’ve had success with into your own work life.
  5. Remember– Be intentional about remembering times of bravery and the outcome of having courage. Keeping a journal is a great discipline to create that will help us remember our journey of bravery.

What brave thing is God calling you to do today? Don’t be afraid, go for it! I guarantee that its impact will be far greater than you can imagine.

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