A Leadership Lesson for Millennials, Part 1

by | Sep 17, 2020

Millennials find themselves living in a deconstructive, fragmented cultural moment. Justin Whitmel Earley offers simple, yet insightful advice for leaders to focus on who they are becoming, because being a leader is less about learning a particular skill and more about the person you are becoming. After watching the video, take some time to work through this guide and consider who you are becoming.

Work It Out

  1. What qualities do you find most attractive in a good leader? Who are leaders that exhibit some of those qualities?
  2. How would you describe who you are becoming? How do you think others perceive you as a person?

Make It Matter

Justin Whitmel Earley proposes that “People follow a person. The kind of person who develops qualities of service, kindness, excellence, and the ability to articulate vision.” How are you perceived by those you lead? Ask someone you manage or supervise, “What qualities stand out in my leadership—the good, the bad, and the ugly?” If you do not currently lead anyone, how are you being intentional to find and model leaders who exemplify these traits?

Close the Gap

With Yourself

Read, meditate, and pray through Psalm 139. Like the psalmist, ask God to search you, uncover any “offensive ways,” and lead you in the way everlasting.

With Others

Discover more of who you are becoming alongside a group of friends. Begin to organize the major events and moments in your life by creating a timeline. Divide your life into major seasons, then jot down answers for one or more of these prompts:

  • Major successes, awards, or accomplishments that stand out to you
  • Major difficulties, disappointments, or painful experiences
  • New skills, truths about life, truths about yourself you learned
  • Important relationships that played a significant role
  • Experiences or revelations about God
With Workmatters

Take a moment to browse other Workmatters resources like on-demand learning and presentations from past Workmatters Conference speakers like Justin Whitmel Earley. If you are an early-career professional, consider deepening your faith-and-work journey by applying for the Workmatters Institute, an intensive spiritual formation and professional development program.

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