A Message from Workmatters Conference Speaker, Nona Jones

The contrast between work and life on the outside is deep. So many find belonging in family, friend groups and church, but why does this sense of belonging feel so distant come Monday morning? What if community was something you could find regardless of location?

Nona Jones was sought out by Facebook to become the global head of faith-based partnerships. Her job brings together people of faith around the world, helping them find community in digital spaces. But it doesn’t end there.

Hear Nona speak from the main stage at the 2019 Workmatters Conference on October 11 and learn what it takes to be a Christian who welcomes outsiders in. Learn how to combat loneliness right where you are by giving your coworkers the gift of being known. THIS is community. THIS is the Workmatters Conference.

Not able to make the trip to Northwest Arkansas? Sign up for the livestream or connect your pastor or someone on staff with info about hosting the livestream at your church.

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