A season of transition

David Roth announces the beginning of his transition of the CEO role to a new leader in 2023. This leadership handoff was initiated by David and comes after 20 years of dedicated service to the organization. The Workmatters board has begun its search for the next leader. David will continue as CEO until a successor is named later in 2023. Read more about David’s transition and the search for a new CEO below.

“I speak on behalf of the board, and the millions of lives and workplaces positively impacted by the Workmatters ministry, in recognizing the immeasurable impact of David’s vision, leadership and selfless sacrifice in service of his calling from the Lord in 2003.  His passion for closing the gap between faith and work is only matched by his passion for his family. The board is excited to support David as he embarks on the next chapter of his story, focusing on his family and individually coaching executive leaders that yearn to integrate their faith into their work.” 

– Steve Blair, Workmatters Board Chair

This is not an ending, but a new beginning for me and Workmatters! – David Roth, Workmatters president and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is a CEO transition happening? 

This leadership transition was initiated by David and comes after 20 years of service, vision, and leadership. After much prayer, David feels like the time is right for new leadership and fresh experience at Workmatters as we pursue our strategy to scale the Workmatters Institute.

Will there be an interim CEO? 

The board is not naming an interim leader. David will continue to serve as CEO until the new, permanent CEO is hired in Q3 and then remain on in consultative capacity until Dec 31, 2023.

Is the mission or vision changing? 

We are more committed than ever to our vision to transform the workplace by equipping Christian leaders to integrate their faith and work. The need and opportunity is great, and our team is as energized as ever by this vision.

What changes can we expect to Workmatters programming? 

We do not anticipate any changes to Workmatters programming. Our team of eight leaders is talented and strong, and we will continue to hold multiple Workmatters Institute cohorts, produce other content, and build and test a scalable WMI product.

What’s next? 

The board has launched a formal search process and anticipates hiring the new CEO by late Q3. David will serve as CEO until the new CEO is hired and then remain on in a consultative capacity until Dec 31, 2023.

Who do I talk to now? 

Please continue to communicate with whomever you are connected at Workmatters. The board commits to keeping the Workmatters community updated on the status of the leadership transition. Any questions can be directed to boardchair@workmatters.org 

Please direct any questions or feedback to

Steve Blair, Workmatters Chairman of the Board.