A message from the Workmatters Board of Directors

New CEO Announcement

Under the direction of Steve Blair, Chairman of the Board, the Workmatters Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Brandon Swoboda has accepted the board’s offer to become the next president and CEO of Workmatters effective Monday, October 2, 2023.

“Brandon is uniquely qualified to step into this role at this time in the ministry’s growth. He brings so much to the table including his: passion for the faith-and-work cause, proven leadership skills, experience building and leading teams in both business and non-profit settings, extensive experience building meaningful relationships with donors. In addition, his vision for growth closely aligns with what the board envisions for the future of Workmatters.”

– Steve Blair, Workmatters Board Chair

“Workmatters has a rich 20-year history of equipping the body of Christ to integrate their faith into their work. I am humbled and excited to lead the next season of this organization in reaching the world with the message that their work matters to God!”

– Brandon Swoboda, incoming Workmatters CEO

“20 years ago, God picked the most unlikely person to steward Workmatters. It has been an incredible honor and privilege to work alongside amazing Team members and Board Directors over these years to equip over one million leaders in Arkansas, the US, and around the world. And now, I am thrilled to see Workmatters move into the strong and skillful leadership hands of Brandon Swoboda. Our Board prayerfully and courageously selected Brandon to lead Workmatters to new heights, and I am excited to cheer him and the team on!”

– David Roth, Workmatters Founder

Please direct questions or inquiries to Steve Blair, Chairman of the Board through Jessica Simms, Workmatters Community Manager