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Kickstart growth and learn what it means—and what it looks like—to integrate your faith with your work. These videos are the perfect complement to existing small group studies or for use as standalone small group curriculum. Use them on your own, at work, or in your church community.

We currently offer five separate course tracks, each with their own set of videos and worksheets. You can watch each track’s series of leadership videos in sequence or skip to the videos that meet a specific need right now. Workmatters on-demand videos are a free resource available to use however you need them. All you need to get started is to set up a free Workmatters account, confirm your email address, and press play!

The Centered Leader

Elise Mitchell is a three-time CEO, globally recognized leadership expert, consultant, coach, author, and founder of Mitchell Communications Group, one of the 10 fastest-growing public relations firms in the world. Here she teaches principles for staying centered as a leader.

Crucial Conversations

No workplace is immune to conflict and the need for tough conversations. This workshop will help you navigate those conversations in the way of Jesus. Ben Cashion is a former licensed counselor and consultant who is passionate about building organizations with teams that thrive.

How to Have Respectful Faith Conversations

Sue Warnke is the Senior Director of Content & Communications at Salesforce, and President of Faithforce San Francisco and Christians@Salesforce network. In this talk Sue will help you work through barriers to sharing your faith.

Building a Bridge Between Generations

As Director of Next Gen at Q Ideas, Grant is focused on helping people across generations understand the next generation and practice lives of inter-generational discipleship. In this workshop you’ll develop a vision for discipleship and learn practical approaches.

Rubble or Brick: Broken Things Lead to Breakthrough

Jo Saxton is the author of several books, including Ready to Rise and The Dream of You. She has dedicated her life to growing leadership teams around the world and empowering women to find their purpose in their personal lives and leadership.

When to Say “No” to Good Enough

In his role at P&G, Edgar Sandoval and his team launched the #LikeAGirl campaign to change culture and empower young women, and he now carries that passion to see all children experience life in Christ into his work at World Vision.

Own Your Inner Beginner

Liz is the founder and CEO of Sseko (Say-Ko) Designs, an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand that works to educate and empower women. In this talk Liz will share how to turn impostor syndrome and roadblocks into opportunities for growth.

Authenticity and Inclusivity

Authenticity and Inclusivity

Learn what it means to walk in the tension and lead from a place of authenticity in this sit-down interview with Workmatters President and CEO, David Roth and Sam’s Club CEO, Kathryn McLay.

Leadership Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro

Donnie Smith served as president and CEO of Tyson Foods and now serves as President of African Sustainable Agriculture Project. Drawing on his years of practiced servant leadership, he shares principles for staying connected to God when enduring challenges as a leader.

Working Progress

This spoken word piece by hip hop and spoken word artist and poet, Propaganda, was written and performed exclusively for the Workmatters Conference, touches on our proclivity toward addiction to work.

The Common Rule

Habits form us more than we form them. Learn to break the routine as Justin Whitmel Earley, author, The Common Rule, walks through the four daily and weekly habits that will bring freedom and rest to your life.

Establishing Your Vision for Community

Jason Locy, founder of NYC creative agency FiveStone, will help you identify the shared purpose, language, practices and stories that surround you every day at work and ultimately define community.

The Focus Course

Entrepreneur and creator of “The Focus Course,” Shawn Blanc, will take you a crash course in time management and productivity that identifies your values and challenges your calendar to reflect them.

Experiencing God in the Unknown

Drawing from her years of experience building brands, Sheeba empowers women in poverty and inspires everyone to embrace the unexpected and find a deeper identity that is not defined by work.

Take the Territory

We all want success, but we cannot achieve it on our own. Nona’s job at Facebook is to create digital community around a common mission, allowing them to find success in life as part of a team.

Igniting Your Walk with God

Understanding God’s greater purpose for your work provides a healthy perspective that flips the script on what drives you at work. Find confidence in and lead from an ongoing connection to God.

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