Are You Your Real (Christian) Self at Work?

by | Mar 20, 2016

A 2012 study found that one third of Americans believe “religious freedom in the U.S. has grown worse in the past 10 years” (33%). By 2015, that number grew to four in 10 (41%).

However, as this belief increases, so does the need to have more intentional conversation about how faith actually applies in the workplace.

Through my experience at WorkMatters, I’ve learned first-hand that we are now living in a time where people want to be their real selves when they go to work, when they come home, when they grocery shop, when they are with others, etc. And we as business leaders need to not just find ways to adapt to this mindset, but also get ahead of the times and have resources available as these changes progress.

When people feel as though they can be their real selves at work – morale is boosted. When morale is boosted, company cultures transform. When company cultures improve, revenue increases. These things are what many people want for their work and at their company, but how is it achieved?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Open communication from leadership – If you’re a team leader, consider how you can communicate and demonstrate examples of implementing one’s faith into their work. Simply showing or telling your team what’s acceptable can provide great clarity.
  2. Actively look into resources for your team – Consider if an all-day team building event, group study, or young professional training program might fit with the needs of your team. Some of these activities may have to happen off company time, but can still be valuable to others.
  3. Walk your talk. Living out your faith and work doesn’t have to be complicated and is the best way for you to be yourself at work. And there are simple ways to get started on a faith and work journey that will change the way you view work and set an example to those around you.

Being your real Christian self at work is more common than you might think. Check out our podcast messages to learn more from leaders who do it every day.