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Leaders Encourage

“Leaders instill courage in the hearts of those who follow. This rarely happens through words alone. It generally requires action. … By going first, the leader furnishes confidence to those who follow.” ~ Andy Stanley, bestselling author and 2014 WorkMatters...

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Will Your Celebration Honor God?

Did you ever consider the fact that the life of Jesus was filled with celebration? It's not the first thing that typically comes to my mind. Yet when you read the account of His birth, His life and His resurrection, you can't help notice that celebration was...

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Taking the Lead from God

So many can relate to the Book of Nehemiah because we all face projects of overwhelming proportions today. The obstacles are all too familiar - limited resources, disengaged team members, ruthless competition, naysayers. We had a major insight during one...

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To God Goes the Glory

Are you giving credit where credit is due? We know how important it is to ensure that proper credit is given to those who contribute to the success of a project. If someone is not acknowledged, or worse, if credit is given to someone else for another...

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Why Leaders Need to Trust God at Work

Leaders of all kinds have a lot of demands to meet. How often does the uncertainty of where the energy, resources and time are going to come from cause stress in your life? It doesn’t have to be that way. The problem is that most of us are trying to...

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Does My Work Really Matter to God?

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of compartmentalizing our faith – even when we’re in the midst of participating in a Leadership@Work Study. Deep-seated beliefs are sometimes difficult to shake, especially when our culture encourages us to separate our...

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