Can Job Performance Influence Our Witness?

by | Feb 16, 2019

LoriAnn Biggers, CEO, Bella Vaughan, reminds us that our peers and the people we lead will know we are Christians by our love. But do they? You can’t be self-centered or a terrible manager who threatens employees, then pivot to share the Gospel and expect people to follow you. It doesn’t work that way!

While our faith is not performance-driven, our work life is. Our ethics, values, and job performance are constantly under scrutiny—from supervisors, peers, and especially those we lead. What is the message our performance sends to those who are watching? Biggers suggests that it should set us apart in a way that makes people ask why we are different, thus opening the door to share about Christ.

Reflection Questions

How does your work currently influence the culture in your organization? What are some areas in your own job performance that may need to realign with your values?