Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, to Speak at Workmatters Conference

by | May 17, 2019

We are excited to announce that Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, will be speaking at the 2019 Workmatters Conference!

As followers of Christ, Cathy believes that we find true satisfaction in giving generously, not receiving. This belief is deeply nested into the Chick-fil-A culture. Just thank any employee in the company and you’ll see it at work when they reply with, “My pleasure.”

Service sets Chick-fil-A apart from the competition because their level of intentionality is difficult to duplicate. Any time he visits one of the more than 2,200 locations, Cathy spends time picking up pieces of trash in the parking lot. He believes that a culture of service must be modeled from the top.

Dan Cathy, CEO Chick-fil-AJoin Dan Cathy at the 2019 Workmatters Conference and learn how can you build biblical values of generosity and gratitude into your company’s culture.

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