Compelling Leaders are Defined by Their Followers

by | Mar 4, 2019

People aspire to be around compelling leaders because they want to be influenced and impacted by them. They want to help these leaders achieve their goals and vision. Compelling leaders are servant leaders.

In her time at Walmart, Celia Swanson had the opportunity to be exposed to many compelling leaders who demonstrated empathy for and interest in supporting others – two key components of servant leadership. She explains that the most important thing we can do to become a compelling leader is to be an avid learner of how servant leaders give back, invest in others, and receive feedback from their followers. As Celia says in the video, compelling leaders “realize that empathy and humility are the cornerstones to building long-lasting relationship with others.”

Reflection Questions
If you are a leader in your organization, how can you better learn about people at their core? What is it that they are aspiring to do and how can you help them achieve it?

If you are an aspiring leader, how can you be an avid learner of servant leaders in your own organization?