Ever Feel Like an Imposter at Work?

by | Apr 1, 2019

“When is somebody going to wake up and realize I’m really not good enough for this?” Celia Swanson, former EVP, Walmart, constantly doubted her capabilities. Even though she achieved success early in her career, she still struggled with “imposter syndrome.” But she realized that what she lacked was confidence – and it was a roadblock for her.

To overcome imposter syndrome, Celia suggests we identify the issue, go to prayer, and ask God for help to be a role model of calm and confidence. And then, do the hard work!

You are valued, not because of your position or where you work, but because of Christ. If God
says you are good enough – which He does! – that should be good enough. Quiet the inner voice that tells you you’re an imposter. Take captive the thoughts that tear you down. It will renew your mind and transform your life! And know you are relevant and have an important contribution to offer right where you are. What you do matters!