Facing Your Giants in Life

by | Jan 15, 2016

Stop. Force yourself to think about this question. It could change your life.

Who or what is a Giant in your life?

We all have them. But we try not to look at them. We try to ignore them. We try to work around them. Why? Because of one word…FEAR. We’re afraid of what might happen if we face them, if we pursue them.

I have recently been facing some major Giants in my life. I needed some support to do it. I found that support in this powerful story that has inspired and encouraged me to face my Giants.

Years ago, God (Moses’ boss) instructed him to send some of the key leaders from his team to research a new market. It was actually the land that He wanted to give Moses’ people. It was a rich market, full of opportunity. It was described as a land “flowing with milk and honey.” Moses picked his team of 12 leaders and gave them very specific instructions on what to research on their 40-day business trip.

When they returned, they did indeed report the “new market opportunity” flowed with milk and honey! (They even brought some samples back to show the rest of the team.) But then the inevitable happened…10 of the 12 leaders began to report all of the “Giants” that inhabited that new market. They reported all of the reasons why it wouldn’t work. The cities were large and heavily protected, and yes, there were actually real Giants there! They reported…fear. That fear spread throughout the team, convincing the rest that new opportunity would fail (sound familiar?).

But thank God, there were two leaders on that team of 12 that didn’t let fear drive them. Joshua and Caleb challenged the entire team that they could do it! They added a powerful caveat to their inspiring challenge. They said if the Lord was pleased with them, He would lead them into that land. They warned not to rebel against God, and not to be afraid, because they were walking with the Lord.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team remained in their comfort zone (fear) and because of that, only Joshua and Caleb entered the new land.

I want to be a Joshua and Caleb kind of leader. How about you?

Who or what is a Giant in your life that may be keeping you from leading at home and at work in the way that God has called you?

Are you willing to look in the mirror and call it out? Are you willing to face your Giant? If so, here are some practical questions to help you on the journey:

  • Can you identify your Giant? Read Numbers 13:26 – 14:11 for inspiration.
  • Did God ask you to go? Read Numbers 13:1-2
  • Are you walking with God? Read John 15:5, Numbers 14:11
  • Are you fearful? Read Numbers 13:31-33
  • Do you have a mentor to walk with you? Read 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Can you change? YES you can! Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV).

Let’s go for it! Let’s find and face the Giants in our lives that are keeping us from living the life we are called to live!