Work is where we spend more than 50 percent of our waking hours. We want to know that that time has purpose. And we want to know that the time and energy we put into our work matters. In this series, you'll hear from three influential Christian leaders. Each of them will help you find purpose in your work. No matter what type of work you do.


1.Called To Lead From Biblical Truth (2 min)

God designed and created us to work. And our work is highly significant to God. When we turn to the Bible as early as the Creation story we find it packed with convicting messages about the importance of our work to God (Genesis 2:15).


2.God Cares About Your Work (2 min)

God cares about our work. And He provides us with His Word so that we have a firm foundation from which to do our work. When we are equipped with God’s Word at work, we can get through the challenges and do our work with excellence.



3.Making the Secular Sacred (2 min)

Everything we do, including our work, can be done with sacred intent. Our work is meant to be a form of worship to God. The motivation of our hearts toward the work is what makes the difference.