5 Ways We Waste Opportunity to Influence our Workplace

by | Aug 17, 2015

It’s so easy to go through the work week without thinking about the opportunities we have to influence others at work. Sometimes we may not even think about it, but we need to…we really need to. It’s important to understand that God calls – not obligates us to work. So we put together this list of ways we miss out on what he wants for our faith at work growth.

  1. We don’t seek mentorship: Building a successful mentor relationship is one of life’s most powerful investments and can dramatically boost your success. Listening and learning from someone else’s experience is a great way to help you go the extra mile at work and increase your growth as a leader. Take time to think through your mental rolodex of potential faith at work mentors. How do they support you? What can you learn from their experience? Do their values match yours? How can they help you during moments in your faith at work journey when you don’t know what to do?
  2. We don’t seek opportunity to mentor others: There are so many people in the workplace in need of a mentor. Mentoring is not only reserved for older professionals, but can be done at any age with anyone. Many companies even encourage employees to participate in reverse mentoring programs where the influence comes from both people. Whatever your strategy, make sure you take the time to think about someone God might be placing on your heart to support. It could be anyone such a boss, co-worker or new team member. Just be sure to act on it when you know it’s time.
  3. We don’t spend time with others outside of the office: One of the best ways to build relationships with others is through getting to know them outside of the office. A simple lunch, coffee, or play date with the kids could be the one thing that helps others understand your story as an individual and can greatly increase opportunity for them to experience who you are as a believer.
  4. We forget to invite God into our work day: Abiding with God at work doesn’t require an altar call or public bible reading. In fact, it’s as simple as starting your day with prayer over your work, team, and company; subscribing to daily messages such as Trading Up; treating others with love and respect; praising Him for the great things he is doing through your team.
  5. We don’t take time to invest in the leadership growth of ourselves and others: Attending events like conferences and quarterly luncheons to hear from executive faith at work leaders is a perfect way to invest in yourself and your team. You can even start a bible study at work to help improve your team’s chemistry and increase your confidence in who you are as workplace Christian.

Take a look at your daily habits and think through where you might be missing the mark. It’s easier than you think.