Frequently Asked Questions

WMI-Online | WMI-Online (Senior Leaders)

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Workmatters Institute-Online experience. If there are any additional questions not answered below, please feel free to reach out to Darrel Harvey, Workmatters Institute Director, for more information (dharvey@workmatters.org).

How long is the class?

Both WMI-Online and WMI-Online (Senior Leaders) are each 8-week experiences.

How much time should I dedicate to learning each week?

You can anticipate dedicating 3-4 hours each week to the class: up to 2 hours of instruction and 1-2 hours of reading, devotionals, or exercises.

Where will the class meet?

We will meet via Zoom. Our Institute director, Darrel – will send all zoom links prior to the start of the cohort through calendar invites via email.

How much does the class cost?

WMI-Online is $299.
WMI-Online (Senior Leaders) is $499.

How can I have my class refunded or sponsored?

We offer the opportunity for participants to have their company, company owner, or direct supervisor sponsor their institute costs. Please email Darrel Harvey at dharvey@workmatters.org for more details on the sponsorship process.

Will I have to buy any books or supplies?

No. We will provide a participant guide designed specifically for your class. It will be physically or digitally delivered prior to beginning the Institute.

What type of content is taught?

Our emphasis is to make faith and work practical and actionable. Readings, class discussions and executive speakers include teaching and insights related to theology and spiritual formation, cultural discernment, and leadership development. Our content and practices are influenced by reformed, charismatic, and contemplative traditions, and participants of all denominations (and of no denomination) have felt at home in this experience.

What is the ideal Institute candidate?

For all WMI experiences, the ideal candidate is hungry to grow spiritually and professionally, values purposeful work, are passionate about making an impact on people with their work, and are willing to wrestle with theological concepts and practical ideas.

For WMI-Online (Senior Leaders) the ideal candidate exemplifies these traits and is also at a place in their career and leadership journey where they are or will be taking on a significant leadership responsibility.

Where should I be in my faith journey before applying?

Each class has participants from a wide range of Christian traditions on a variety of points on their spiritual journey. What they have in common is an openness to live and lead like Jesus.

How can I recommend the institute to someone?

  • Start with a conversation. “How are you intentionally investing in your growth and a leader?”
  • Share your endorsement of their potential and the Workmatters Institute.
  • Encourage them to investigate the program on our website and to follow us on social.
  • Follow up with the individual.
  • Introduce them to Darrel Harvey, the Workmatters Institute Director.
  • Follow up again.

I'm a business owner, can I refer my employees?

Absolutely! Please reach out to either President and CEO, David Roth or Darrel Harvey to talk about how the Workmatters Institute can help your employees live our their faith at work and make an impact on your business through your employees.

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