Have You Ever Questioned Your Trust In God?

by | Mar 18, 2019

When your world comes crashing down, success cannot carry you. When her life’s greatest dream was days away from being accomplished, Marshawn Evans Daniels, lost it all. Times of disruption and devastation shake us. They may not shatter our faith, but they can certainly cause us to question our trust in God. And that’s okay.

Marshawn describes this season as a time of deep growth in her faith because she chose to embrace the disruption. She learned to trust in God when things were hard – not just when they were great. And stepping up in faith requires this. We must shift our trust away from our own success and ambition and toward the One who cannot fail us.

If you have walked through a moment of disruption and devastation, how were you able to find your way back to trust? What are some helpful things you might share with others who are walking through a difficult time? If you are facing disruption now, what encouragement can you take from Marshawn’s story?