Holy Intent Changes Everything

by | Mar 27, 2019

He decided to go into work early, to offer up his knives in prayer, and to cut chicken for the glory of God. Jon Tyson, now lead pastor of Church of the City of New York, found early on in his career that worship was so much more than singing “emotionally charged songs” on the weekend.

God’s glory in Creation was fractured by sin at the Fall. The Jewish concept of kavanah, which means “holy intent,” or “the redirection of the heart,” is the idea that we can impute into, or represent, the glory of God in everything we touch as we go about our work. Worship directs our gaze toward Heaven. When our work does the same, it changes everything.

How can you impute the glory of God into your daily tasks? Where has your work become mundane? Whatever it is you do, take time to pause, reframe, and and go about your work with holy intent.