How to Move Past Offense

by | May 13, 2019

Part of learning to love is investing time to discover the triggers, land mines, and wounded areas of others in order to avoid causing further harm. This process is foundational in any committed romantic relationship and equally valid in the workplace. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over the course of time.

From traveling by foot to long, sleepless nights, there was a lot of down time in the three years of Jesus’ ministry that is not recorded in Scripture. And yet, throughout the gospels we see evidence of the relationships he fostered organically with his disciples in the time they spent together.

So, how can you foster a loving environment in your workplace? Get to know the people around you! Invest time in listening to, observing, and interacting with your coworkers and those you lead. Jesus spent time with his disciples just doing life. Be intentional. And take advantage of the down time or create some if you need to.

Struggling to foster love with someone you just can’t seem to avoid offending? Be curious. Even keep a log! Make a note of the things you do or say that seem to trigger to this person. If possible, create a safe space to ask the person what you could do differently. Find ways to steer clear of those “land mines” to avoid repeating offense.

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