How to Use Periscope

by | Aug 11, 2015

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a new app that allows users to share and experience live video streaming. Imagine taking a FaceTime or Skype experience and sending it out through a message.

How does it work?

Whenever someone you follow does a live scope you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Once the session is complete, you can re-watch the video up to 24 hours afterward before it’s gone. You can also do private broadcasts with select people you follow and who follow you.

How can I use it?

Politicians, entrepreneurs and global brands are using Periscope to do the following:
  • Show behind-the-scenes footage of events
  • Share podcast content via video
  • Report breaking news from around the globe
  • Record weddings for those who cannot attend
  • Provide interactive customer support
  • Present product demonstrations
  • Conduct remote focus groups

How do I create a Periscope account?

  1. Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in using your Twitter credentials. If you have multiple Twitter accounts on your device, you will be prompted to choose the one you want to sign up with.
  3. Your Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to your Periscope account, and a list of suggested followers will be built based on who you follow on Twitter. Remember, Periscope doesn’t automatically import your Twitter followers.
  4. Enter your name.
  5. Choose a Periscope username (handle). This can be different from your current Twitter handle.

Who should I follow?

Whoever you’d like – your favorite athletic coach, celebrity, podcast host, motivational speaker, friends, etc. We recommend the following:

  • TED Talks
  • Andy Stanley
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Dave Ramsey LIVE
  • Leadercast

Why should I join?

Periscope will most likely change the way the world receives live news. From presidential debates to a friend’s wedding, people are ready to join the Periscope world!

More importantly, WorkMatters will be sharing live footage of co-leader trainings, event experiences, select speaker sessions and more. We’d hate for you to miss out!