Insights from Father’s Day

by | Apr 16, 2014

We all have a Father. Some of us actually have the incredible privilege and responsibility of being a Father. For many Fathers, this past Sunday was a day of joy. It certainly was for me. But I also find it to be a day of introspection.

As I read the personal words my two sons and my wife wrote about me on their Fathers Day cards, it caused me to pause. I was so grateful for their words of encouragement. But it also caused me to think hard about what I need to do better. We can’t be all things to our children. God has wired us uniquely to shine our light in a way that only we can. But still, what areas may need shoring up? What areas am I missing altogether?

As God would have it, I visited my Dad and Mom’s church on Father’s Day and they handed out a program that shared numerous “thank you Dad…” statements from some of their members. I want to share some of them with you here. I found some of the recurring themes interesting. Read them slowly. Allow God to speak to you personally about how you can lead with great intentionality for great influence in your life and work!

Thank you Dad for:

  • loving me unconditionally.
  • teaching me to appreciate those who work with their hands; the electricians, the plumbers, the farmers, the carpenters, the mechanics, the workers in the plants and the factories.
  • teaching me to be honest…and to be kind to others.
  • working so hard to help our family.
  • teaching me to use my hands to create beautiful things from cast-offs.
  • showing us your love of adventure and travel.
  • instilling in me a wonderful work ethic.
  • playing catch with me.
  • being a handy man and helping at home wherever you could.
  • introducing me to the outdoors.
  • teaching me how to work hard and have fun at the same time.
  • pursuing me to get my Masters Degree.
  • making me laugh everyday when you came home from work.
  • being unconditional in everything…love, time, support and orneriness.
  • raising me in a Christian home.
  • working and paying the bills.
  • encouragement.
  • always being there for me.
  • letting me ride on the lawn mower.
  • working so hard so we can do things.
  • introducing me to the Buffalo River and the Teton Mountains.

…and my personal favorite:

  • pushing me really high on the swing.

May God push each of us really high on the swing!

Closing the gap,


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David Roth

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