Workmatters Institute

Stories of transformation

Hundreds of young professionals have gone through the transformative experience of the Workmatters Institute since it began in 2010. Whether their backgrounds are in marketing or food service and retail, medicine or education, each person brought with them a unique set of challenges and opportunities unique to their context and discovered that God’s heart to restore what is broken is universally applicable to every trade, sector, and industry.

Hannah Keener

Owner, Zenith Studios

Lowell, AR

Daniel Ngueya

Sales Insight Manager at Harvest Group

Rogers, AR

Julia Reed

Sales Analyst at Safe Foods

Little Rock, AR

Ernie Elbert

Sr. Project Manager at Revolution Plastics

Little Rock, AR

Cedric Fonville

CEO, NICE NWA Digital Media Agency

Little Rock, AR

Wes Martin

Partner at the Hathaway Group

Little Rock, AR

Laci Embrey

Field Manager at Rausch Coleman Homes

Fayetteville, AR

Braden Land

Associate Corporate Counsel at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

Lowell, AR