Lead a Workmatters Institute

Develop young leaders to work with  purpose  and live on mission.

The Workmatters Institute is a transformational faith and leadership development experience for young professionals who want to integrate their faith and work. For more than ten years Workmatters has equipped leaders to work with purpose and live on mission through this unique workplace discipleship and career development experience. Now it’s time to accelerate the impact—through leaders like you.

Why Lead?

Facilitate Lasting Impact.

The Workmatters Institute is not just another Bible study or leadership series. The participants you will lead through the course will be changed forever. With a new vision for work based in God’s story of renewal and insight from executive speakers to make it practical and actionable, they will be equipped to make an impact for a lifetime.

When you lead a Workmatters Institute, you will see lives transformed in real time as young leaders and professionals capture God’s heart for work.

“I was blown away by the content. It way exceeded my expectations in every way: professionally, socially, spiritually. It was a really powerful experience for me.”

Julia Reed
Sales Analyst at Safe Foods

“The Institute came at a perfect time. I felt like it was God giving me an opportunity to reset, to focus on what He was calling me to do.”

Daniel Ngueya
Sales Insight Manager at Harvest Group

“This experience was like putting on glasses and being able to see for the first time. To see the purpose and understand the why for your work, no matter what your job is.”

Hannah Keener
Owner, Zenith Studios

A Proven Experience

The Workmatters
Institute Course

1. Theology of Work. Participants learn how their work fits in the full story of God: the four-chapter Gospel of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Renewal. Through readings, exercises, teaching (video or live) and facilitated discussion, participants develop a working theological framework and begin to get clarity on how they can participate in God’s story of renewal.

2. Executive Speaker Series. Focused on practical application, participants learn from Executive Speakers on the Workmatters Seven Pillars of Faith and Work: love, calling, balance, integrity, excellence, serving, influence. Through weekly devotionals, executive speaker talks and discussion, participants learn how to practically apply their faith and become more effective leaders.

3. Faith and Work Action Plan. Driving toward action, participants put the theological framework and practical application to work by creating a plan that 1) identifies an area of brokenness in their work, 2) articulates a vision for renewal, 3) determines specific next actions needed to close that gap, and 4) commits to habits and practices that will support these actions. The Faith and Work Action Plan is not simply a capstone project, but a living theme throughout the WMI experience and a process that participants will apply over a lifetime. As a result of this process, past participants have created varied plans that include forming resource groups, addressing broken team communications channels and leading startups based on workplace authenticity.

The Workmatters Institute brings clarity to the purpose of work, and the personal and professional development is mind-boggling. You can never approach your work the same.

Kali Davis

Director, Harvest Group

How It Works

Easy to lead.

Anyone who wants to integrate faith and work and has a desire for impacting the next generation of leaders can lead a Workmatters Institute cohort. Have you led a small group or facilitated group discussions or learning experiences at your church or on your Team? Then you’re on the right path. Here’s how we’ll equip you to lead an Institute:


Mix of online resources and interaction with the Workmatters Team.

Over 6-10 hours of in-person training with Workmatters and several readings and videos you can do on your own time, you will be immersed in our Theology framework and Faith-and-Work Action Plan process. You will be comfortably equipped to facilitate every aspect of the course.


Set up, recruit, and lead your class with the guidance and materials you need.

We will help you decide on the type of class (in-person or online), help set it up through our website and coach you through details like location. Our advocate network will help confirm speakers (if desired) and we will provide marketing materials for you as you invite people to join.


For as long as you lead a Workmatters Institute, we’ll be a phone call away.

Our Team will provide ongoing support as you lead your Workmatters Institute cohort. Through 1:1 or group calls, we are ready to ensure that you have a meaningful and successful experience.

Training Dates: Virtual training will be June 22, 7-9PM ET

Fall Class Dates: September 20 – December 15 (no class week of Thanksgiving)

Executive Speakers

Learn from world-class leaders and mentors.

Workmatters draws from executives, entrepreneurs and leaders from every industry you can imagine, each with a unique story and calling to serve Christ in the marketplace.

Whether live, virtual or video-based, our expanding faculty of Executive Speakers will give you real-time career insight to practically apply your faith and become a more effective leader. Here are just a few of our speakers:

Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl Bachelder

Former CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith

Former CEO of Tyson Foods

Shelley Simpson

Shelley Simpson

EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

Henry Ho

Henry Ho

Cofounder & Partner at Field Agent

Elise Mitchell

Elise Mitchell

Three-Time CEO, Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

Mitch Bettis

Mitch Bettis

President of Arkansas Business Publishing Group

WMI helps resolve the tension for those that feel stuck between ambition and purpose and don’t know how to connect the two.

Dwayne Houston

National Account Executive, Procter & Gamble

Learning to see work as part of God’s plan for the world really impacted how I come in to work every day. I highly recommend the Workmatters Institute for anyone looking for meaning and purpose in their work (with the added bonus of networking with other young professionals and making lasting, meaningful friendships)!

Lauren Sova

Customer Experience Representative, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

WMI opens your eyes to the influence you have, with personal examples of how your lifestyle can be a major part of your testimony in real and practical ways.

Will Ford

Executive Vice President of Operations, Westrock Coffee

I believe that the theology and tools that Workmatters equips people with have the potential to reignite the passion in your job, find balance in your life, and enrich your working years to come. Workmatters has helped me find peace in my work.

Katherine Mitchell

User Experience Designer, Tyson Foods

I now feel equipped with a solid foundation of how to be a faith-based leader and how to appropriately and effectively be an ambassador of Jesus in the workplace. I’m grateful for my newfound knowledge of the faith-and-work theology, for my new friends and peers who share this journey, and for the structured mentorship from a local business leader.

Parker Stewart

Customer Development Manager, SupplyPike

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