Intentional Investment in Others

by | Aug 18, 2021

When you think about success at work do you think about investing in others?
Reflect on the last week – what did intentional investment look like for you?

Intentional investment in others is a basic job responsibility for everyone who is a follower of Jesus. It is a practical way to love our neighbor as ourselves at work. And because it is part of God’s design for any human community, work normally works better when you’re investing in others.

In yesterday’s video, Nona Jones gives us helpful lenses through which to invest in others in the flow of our workday.

Working with the end in mind:
Nona differentiates between an obituary mindset and a legacy mindset. A focus on personal achievement leads to an impressive obituary. A focus on investing in others leads to a lasting legacy. Where is your focus?

Intentional investment in spiritual community:
We need to be with others in spiritual community — even at work. Many of us feel alone at work, but Nona encourages us that often there are others who follow Jesus on the team. How do we seek them out? Let people know you’re blocking some lunch time to pray or study scripture and invite others to join. Find (or start) an Employee Resource Group. Simply being your authentic self will often help others identify with you.

Intentional investment in everyone:
One of the most effective tests for how people will or will not see Christ at work is how we treat others. Consider how you can build others up. Take the time to give specific recognition and intentional affirmation on others’ work and effort. People like to be noticed and are rarely affirmed. Cultivate a habit of noticing the work and needs of others, and give specific encouragement, recognition, or affirmation when you can.

Nona is ultimately making the case for doing work that lasts, work that doesn’t die with us. That is a powerful vision and motivation, and all it really requires of us is to engage the community of people God has given us to lead, follow, work alongside, and serve in an intentional way. Make that an area of focus today.

Blog written by Ben Kirksey, Workmatters Chief Operating Officer.