International Women’s Day: Leader Highlight

by | Mar 7, 2018

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight one of our favorite Christian female leaders, Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

As women, there is an increasing demand on us to outperform in every area of our life — including our work. Many times, others’ expectations (especially in male-dominated workplaces) can leave us doubting our abilities and questioning our confidence. God, however, has designed women with a unique purpose, but it can only be accomplished through our dependence on Him.

Read Shelley’s advice on how we can find the courage and confidence to not only live up to the roles God has placed each of us in, but thrive in those unique opportunities.

“When people ask me how I have confidence, I say, ‘I’ve stopped thinking about having to have confidence at a level that everyone expects.’ Because with the size of the plate that God has expanded for me, or for you, it can be overwhelming at any one time. I think about the fact that there is only One perfect person who has lived. If He lives in us, He sends the Holy Spirit to live in us and if that perfect Person dwells inside us, then the only thing I have to have confidence in is that He is in me. If that perfect Holy Spirit lives in me, that’s where I can put my hope and confidence. So I don’t have to think about me being good enough anymore. I can think about Him being perfect in me.”

So to our female leaders, our fearless pioneers and innovators, we hope this message sinks in and encourages you to see the way that you can do it all, but only through the power and spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Phil 4:13)

Shelley Simpson will be sharing her leadership journey and wisdom at the 2018 Workmatters Leadercast on May 18, 2018. Join her and hundreds of other leaders for a day of learning how to “lead yourself.”