Is Karma Biblical?

by | May 30, 2019

You’re probably not the type to seek revenge when someone wrongs you at work. But doesn’t it feel good when they finally get what’s coming to them? Well, that’s the problem with the notion of karma – it’s just not biblical.

God instructed the Hebrews coming out of Egypt not to “seek revenge or bear a grudge” against one another. Wishing for others to fail or finding ourselves happy when they do is not loving, regardless of what they may have done to us. (That is not to say that maintaining professional boundaries is not loving – it very much is.)

But what if someone on your team swoops in to take credit for a group effort? What if you get cut off in the parking lot or someone uses the last bit of your coffee creamer even though it had your name on it?

Anger and frustration are normal, legitimate feelings in these situations. It’s not how we feel, but how we respond that matters. We can choose to let it go, or we can go the passive aggressive route (i.e., the modern worker’s form of revenge). But playing the victim is not a good look. If there is anything festering, choose to let it go or confront the source in a loving, respectful manner. That is how you love your neighbor at work.

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