Jump In Before You’re Ready

When God called them to open a taco restaurant, Austin and Ashton Samuelson’s experience with fast casual was limited to drive-thru and take-out. Lacking any resources, capital, or actionable experience, they took to prayer.

Once the business launched, Austin and Ashton knew it could only grow with God’s help and continued direction. They got together around an ottoman in the basement to pray. And they made their prayer time there a top priority.

Now, with multiple stores and teams of talented staff, the operation runs smoothly. But whenever Ashton and Austin see the ottoman in the basement, they’re reminded of that special time when seeking God and stepping out in faith was all they could do in response to His call. And the prayer habit continues today.

So if you’re worried about jumping into your big God-idea before you’re ready, you might be onto something. If the dream truly comes from God, then He will provide.



  1. Has there ever been a time when you didn’t feel ready to move, but God was calling you anyway? How did you respond? And how did that response shape you?
  2. What dream or idea has God placed in you that you do not yet feel ready to achieve? How can you turn prayer into a plan of action?

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