June Newsletter

by | Jun 20, 2022

June Edition | Growing Your Team

As you may know, over the last month, the Workmatters team has gone through some exciting transformation. – After months of recruiting and praying, in just a six-week period, God brought three amazing leaders to fill three new positions crucial to our mission and vision!

To read more about how our team is transforming, click here.

We have gotten great feedback and advice from our Board and trusted friends through this process. About a “culture-add” vs. a “culture-fit” mindset. About our interviewing process. But especially about hiring based on our values.

Because even as a team transforms and grows, staying true to the organizational values is crucial. Below is how we express our values as we continue to grow our team. Please know that we don’t always get these right! But we want to be clear about what our values are, understand the behaviors that drive them, and use them in the recruiting and hiring process:

Faith: Are they hungry and humble on their faith journey? Hungry and humble could be applied across our values. This is a non-negotiable mindset, which helps make decisions and evaluate.

Relationship: This means demonstrating trust and respect and showing care and concern. It means being collaborative and telling the truth: admitting mistakes, candid with thinking and feedback.

Excellence: This really boils down to “give your best,” having a Colossians 3:23 mindset. We look for ownership and initiative, humility in applying feedback, and an outcome-focused approach.

Relevance: We have a passion and connection to our faith and work mission. Current and new Team members are challenged to take initiative to seek out opportunities to learn and grow and better empathize with you, our customers.

Diversity: Looking for diversity on our Team goes beyond gender, age, and skin color. We desire to be an organization that advocates, includes, and reflects the fullness of the Kingdom of God. We are looking for Team members with diverse experiences, new ideas or different ways of thinking, team members who cultivate diverse relationships, are curious, and challenge assumptions.

If you’re looking for more insight on how to ensure an effective hiring process, check out this blog, “Rock Solid Hiring” by my friend and faith-at-work pioneer, Steve Graves.

I hope this window into our Workmatters values provides you with some insight and encouragement as your team evolves and grows during this post-pandemic season!

Always remember, YOUR work matters!

David Roth
CEO and President, Workmatters