Long-Lasting Success Is Up to You

by | Jul 16, 2019

Long-Lasting Success Is Up to You

Long-lasting success is not a result of pedigree or family name. Not alma matter, or even lack thereof. Name recognition or who you know might give you a foot in the door, but making something useful of your career is up to you. You’ve got to do the hard things. Show up. Study hard. Work harder. Don’t give yourself over to the job. Work an evening or weekend here and there. Tell your boss “no” when you can’t. Navigate the tension.

Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth encourages them to look back and recognize just how far they had come since God had called them. How far have YOU come? When you started your career, perhaps you held little influence or had a background that did not command the respect of others. And maybe you had a lot more to learn than they did. Don’t focus on where you wanted to be when you were 22-years-old! God’s plans were SO much bigger than you realized. Look how far you have come! And be grateful.


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