Making Time for Workplace Prayer

by | Apr 27, 2015

Making Time for Workplace Prayer

I heard a recent business leader share a story about burglars attacking his business. They hit his store five times in two weeks. Like any savvy business owner, he wanted to take steps to protect his livelihood. He called the police and filed reports. He upgraded his security system. None of this was working. The burglars kept stealing from them again and again.

Being a man of faith, he eventually realized he was leaving his best tool in the bag, PRAYER! The detective working the case had an idea. The detective wanted to lock himself in the store that night and every night thereafter until the burglars came back. They all knew the burglars would come back. The owner agreed. That night the owner locked up like usual, but this time with an armed police officer in his store.

Have you ever had a time in your career where a challenge seemed impossible to resolve? We all have. If you’re like me, you probably threw everything you had at it with no success. And, if you’re like me, you probably didn’t remember to ask God for help. Let today be the last day you leave prayer “in the bag.” Here are some great resources on how to pray for your work:

5 Simple Ways to Harness the Power of Workplace Prayer
13 Ways to Pray at Work

Pray, Work and Watch by John Roberts, President and CEO, J.B. Hunt Transport
How to Abide with God at Work by David Roth, President, WorkMatters

So how did the story end? The owner went home and prayed that no one would get hurt and that the suspects would be caught. He didn’t sleep at all that night. Finally, the phone rang. It was the detective. They caught them! The suspects were breaking into a different store and got caught. No one was hurt. Answered prayer!