Work In A Way That Honors God

Module 3

Work In A Way That Honors God

(9 min)

Speaker: Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

When we honor God with our work, our work contributes to building His kingdom through both what we produce and the influence we have on those with whom we work. In this module, Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., will share powerful insights and personal stories of how we can honor God with any work that we do, as well as what can happen when we do. You’ll be inspired to give your very best under all circumstances, and equipped to partner with God in your work.


Knowing that work is an essential part of our design, and a means through which God is redeeming and restoring all things, gives us purpose in our work. Staying connected to God helps direct us to His purposes in our work. The next two sessions talk through how to work in light of God’s purposes and your identity in Christ.

Our identity in Christ means that we are called to honor God with our work no matter what kind of work we do. It’s clear from Colossians 3:23-24 that God wants to be “all up in our business.” We need to invite God into every project, decision, problem and new idea. The verse tells us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23-24, NIV).

Here’s what that means:

“Whatever you do”

  • There is no difference between sacred and secular. When our intention is to please God with our work, it becomes sacred.
  • All work that honors God contributes to His kingdom. Work that glorifies God will endure when His kingdom comes.
  • All work matters to God. Every task, no matter how menial or major, and every job, no matter how high or low profile, matters to God. Everything you do matters and makes a difference when done for the glory of God.

“Work at it with all your heart”

  • Give your best effort. Challenge yourself to raise the bar on your excellence even a little every day.
  • Do your work with excellence. Produce the highest quality work you can.
  • Prioritize your time and energy. Guard against distractions. Keep a schedule and be intentional about the work you do each day.

“… as working for the Lord”

  • Do your work to please God. (Galatians 1:10) See God as your boss and consider what He would think.
  • Work with integrity. Stand firm on making decisions that align with your values, even when it will cost you.
  • Work with the desire to make God proud. Imagine God saying “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Let your light shine at work (Matthew 5:16).

  • Make relationships with people a high priority.
  • The way you treat people reflects the quality of your relationship with God.


What would it look like for you to truly honor God with your work in every part of your work? How would your approach to your work need to change?

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one thing you have to do as part of your work that you need to look at through God’s perspective in order to do it with a positive attitude? How can you make that shift?
  2. What is one way you can raise the bar to bring greater excellence to your work and honor God more consistently with your work?
  3. When are you the most challenged to work with integrity? What can you do to commit to a higher level of integrity at work?
  4. What challenging situation are you facing right now where you have an opportunity to be a light for those you work with?
  5. Who can hold you accountable to honoring God with your work? What will accountability look like for you?


What will you start doing differently starting today to honor God with your work each day?

Next Steps

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  2. WORKSHEET: Make a note on the worksheet (download and print below, if you haven’t yet) of how you will apply what you learned in this module to your work.

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