Work Is Your Mission Field

Module 5

Work Is Your Mission Field

(10 min)

Speaker: Julio Echegoyen

Many Christians go to work with a sense that they need to do missions work to truly please God. In this module, Julio Echegoyen, Walmart International Team Leader, Emerging Markets, P&G, will help you see that your workplace is your mission field. Julio will share personal stories about meeting the needs of others through his work. You’ll be equipped to let your light shine before others in a way that is authentic and relevant. and you’ll discover how you can create more opportunities to influence others at work.


Staying connected to God at work, honoring Him at work and loving others at work advances God’s work of redemption and restoration through your work. It creates a tremendous platform for you to influence people, organizations and culture itself with the gospel of Jesus.

When we think about a “mission field,” we often think the result is simply people coming to faith in Jesus. But the mission field of work is much bigger than evangelism. Remember that God is using our work in His work of restoration, what the world will be when Christ is recognized as Lord everywhere and in everything. This gives incredible vision in both big and small ways: it affects the way we work, but it also affects the products we create, the services we provide, the policies we institute.

Our mission field begins with influencing people with the gospel and extends to creating a world fully in line with God’s character. Not only can we influence others, keep in mind that our faith compels us to influence the work itself. And God uses that work as part of His work of restoration.

There are two passages in Matthew where Jesus tells us how we are to use our influence for his kingdom purposes.

  • “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? … “You are the light of the world. … Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew‬ 5:13-16,‬ NKJV).‬‬
  • “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19, NKJV).

Use Your Influence for Christ

  • People are watching you. You can influence your coworkers, your company culture, how people work and how you communicate with one another by doing your work to honor God.
  • People crave the truth. People have a desire in their hearts to know God (Ecclesiastes 3:11). You may be the only Jesus some people ever see.
  • Workplaces are more and more interconnected globally. You have the opportunity to have an impact on people well outside of your immediate circle of influence. The potential to have national and even global impact on workplace culture exists like never before.

Make Disciples

  • Be prepared to share what Christ has done in your life. When people see your excellence, care and integrity it will open the door for them to ask what’s different about you and for you to share your faith (1 Peter 3:15).
  • Invite people to get to know Jesus. Philip provides a great example of inviting others to know Jesus Christ in John 1:44-46. You don’t have to convince anyone. You can simply invite them to “come and see.”

Create Community

  • Share your priorities with coworkers and ask them to hold you accountable.
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12 tells us, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Surround yourself with like-minded Christians so you can encourage each other, pray together and hold each other accountable.
  • As your community grows, your collective influence will increase.

God doesn’t call those who are perfect; He calls those who are obedient and He equips us to do all that He calls us to do for His glory.


How are you using your influence to glorify God and influence others at work?

Discussion Questions

  1. How are you currently using your influence at work? What results do you see?
  2. What can you do to improve upon being a positive influence on others at work for Christ?
  3. How can you create more opportunities to invite others to get to know Jesus at work?
  4. Reflect on your work life. Describe a time when Jesus showed up in your work through answered prayer, divine connections, solutions or other experiences you know could have only been God. How did you share that experience with others?
  5. Who is in your community at work? How would having a solid community of fellow believers at work make a difference for you?


What will you start doing immediately to use your influence at work to improve the culture, teamwork or impact other positive change?

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