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Video-based resources for small groups and personal growth.

Kickstart growth and learn what it means—and what it looks like—to integrate your faith with your work. These videos are the perfect complement to existing small group studies or for use as standalone small group curriculum. Use them on your own, at work, or in your church community.

We currently offer five separate course tracks, each with their own set of videos and worksheets. You can watch each track’s series of leadership videos in sequence or skip to the videos that meet a specific need right now. Workmatters on-demand videos are a free resource available to use however you need them. All you need to get started is to set up a free Workmatters account, confirm your email address, and press play!

Work Redefined

Work Redefined is a “Faith-and-Work 101” primer course that builds a foundation for the theology of work. Videos cover topics like loving others at work, seeing work as a mission field, and how to work in a way that honors God.

Your Work Matters to God

by David Roth

So many have misplaced their purpose for work. If we’re going to spend 50% of our lives at work, shouldn’t that half of our life really matter?

Stay Connected to God at Work

by Donnie Smith

Pursuing God’s purpose for work is about developing rhythms for staying connected with him throughout the day and acknowledging him in everything you do.

Work In a Way That Honors God

by Shelley Simpson

When we honor God with our work, our work contributes to building His kingdom through both what we produce and the influence we have on those with whom we work.

Love Others at Work

by Mark Yount

The Greatest Commandment is to love God and love others. It is our operating principle and applies to all of life: family, friends, and work.

Work Is Your Mission Field

by Julio Echegoyen

As followers of Christ, we must live before others in a way that is authentic and relevant. The workplace is our mission field.

True Success at Work

Discover what true success at work looks like. Find relief from the tension between being successful and living a faith-filled life. In these videos, you’ll learn from influential and successful Christian business leaders about how they reframe success from God’s perspective. Be inspired to be a light for Christ and do excellent work.

Be an Ambassador for Christ

by Ross Cully

The Bible helps us understand that our role at work is to be an ambassador for Christ. Success comes by focusing on our work today and the eternal.

Success Is Where the Heart Is

by Marc Yount

How ambitious can you really be and still love Jesus? Is there a conflict between wanting to be successful and being Christ-like?

God's Standard for Success

by Donnie Smith

Our standard for work should not be influenced by anything or anyone but God. We experience freedom when our focus is to bring God glory in all we do.

Strategies for Handling Adversity

Discover strategies that will help you tap into God’s peace and turn difficult situations into life-giving, transformational experiences.

Overcome Overwhelm at Work

by Marc Yount

Overwhelm is a common experience at work, but understanding your strengths and knowing when to ask for help makes all the difference.

Bloom Where You're Planted

by Donnie Smith

Throughout history, God called people to step out in faith, and He asks the same of us today. Be faithful to his calling and bloom where you’re planted.

Learn from Failure

by Cheryl Bachelder

Failure isn’t fun, but the lessons learned from failure accelerate our growth. They allow us to reframe failure and lean into God.

Finding Purpose in Work

We want to know that the time and energy we invest in work has purpose. These videos will help you discover deeper purpose in your work, no matter what type of work you do.

Called to Lead from Biblical Truth

by Cheryl Bachelder

Starting with the Creation story, we find that Scripture is packed with messages about the importance of our work to God. God designed us to work.

God Cares About Your Work

by Donnie Smith

Scripture gives us a firm foundation upon which to carry out our work. We can get through challenges, do our work with excellence and thrive.

Making the Secular Sacred

by Jon Tyson

Everything we do can be done with sacred intent—our work is meant to be a form of worship to God. The motivation of our hearts is what makes the difference.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Learn how to delegate, communicate and carve out time for rest so you can be more effective at work and fulfilled in your personal life.

Priorities and Communication

by Wendy Davidson

Achieving balance between work and the rest of life is a difficult process, but when you ask others for support, you’ll find you can lighten the load.

Finding Rest in the Routine

by Bonnie Wurzbacher

Work was never meant to overtake the rest of your life. When you seek God’s calling, you’ll find it easier to align other priorities in life.

Proactive Work-Life Rebalancing

by Donnie Smith

Work-life balance is a term that can be misleading because it is impossible to perfectly balance all aspects of life because. So where DO we need to focus?

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