Overcome Fear so You Can Work with Excellence

by | Oct 28, 2021

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” ―2 Timothy 1:7

Most of us are facing challenges at work we never expected to have to deal with. And some of the challenges are more intense than the ones we experienced in 2020! We are living in a time that is placing crazy demands and high pressure on just about everyone in all types of workplaces. The major upheavals, staffing shortages, reorgs, and ever-shifting expectations make it hard to focus and accomplish any work with excellence.

As I read back on the blog I wrote seven years ago, it’s a great reminder of how much we need God at all times. There are very simple shifts in perspective each of us can make so we aren’t walking around in a cloud of confusion, but rather moving forward with clarity of vision regardless of what is happening around us.

At the beginning of the year, I made a move from a team I loved and a well-established organization, to lead a small organization where I am the first full-time employee. While I can see how all I’ve done over the years has prepared me for this new role, I am completely dependent on God to be successful – and that is a good place to be. I need to very intentionally make sure I apply these principles every day to avoid overwhelm and serve women through our work in the best ways possible.

Here are the ways I tap into the Holy Spirit to overcome fear and work with excellence that you may find beneficial as well.

1. Build your faith in God daily. Be intentional about seeking God first by being in His Word daily. Reflect on how God’s Word applies to your work. Ask for wisdom from His Word for the challenges you face. Talk to Him about your needs, goals, and concerns, and write down what you sense He is saying to you.

2. Shift from me-focus to others-focus. When you know that God’s got you, you can put your focus on serving others. I often think about what Kathryn McLay shared at the Workmatters Conference 2020 – when she made the shift from focusing on her career to making service to others her priority she led with greater authenticity, which created a springboard to a new level of success.

3. Surrender your fears to God. God cares about everything you care about. You don’t have to hold on to concerns, worries, or fears at work. When you release them to the Lord and keep the eyes of your heart fixed on Jesus and what he is doing, you will find the courage to walk through the challenges and tap into the insight you need to contribute to creative solutions.

4. Give glory to God. The first person I ever saw live out her faith at work gave glory to God in every sales meeting. We don’t give credit where credit is due often enough. When we acknowledge God, we help others discover the true source of real success and encourage them to turn to God for their needs.

God is with you and He is for you. When you’re faced with challenges that are beyond your ability to solve, remember that you don’t have to figure it out alone. Bring your work challenges, goals, and concerns to God and He will give you peace, wisdom, and the strength you need to work with excellence.

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Catherine Gates

Catherine Gates is Executive Director of Women in the Marketplace, a nonprofit marketplace ministry that equips working women to confidently pursue their faith and career for the glory of God. She is also the author of The Confidence Cornerstone: A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Leadership. Learn more at womeninmarketplace.net.