Prayer for Uncertain Times

Standing apart but united in prayer during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

To Our Workmatters Community: 

We are all in a foreign land never before visited. Our Workmatters heart is hurting for all whose lives have been upended by the novel coronavirus. We are praying for those who are ill, for medical workers, and for everyone who has lost or may lose their jobs.

Let’s turn to prayer in this uncertain time. We would like to invite you to join us we lift up leaders and workers across the country and around the world who need God’s wisdom as they make difficult decisions that not only impact their lives, but also the lives of others.

Our team has put together a weekly prayer guide as a simple way for us to stand together in prayer as a community each and every day over the weeks and months to come. You may download the guide by pressing the button below. Please also feel free to submit a prayer request so our team can pray with you and for you—and share this with anyone who might benefit from some prayer right now.

And though we must stand apart, God’s people are united in prayer!

Your. Work. Matters.

David Roth
President & CEO

Workmatters Prayer Guide – Week of March 23, 2020