Risk Failure, Don’t Fear It

by | Apr 8, 2019

Fear of failure holds so many back from stepping into the big God-ideas in life. Maybe it’s asking for a raise, risking it all to become an entrepreneur, or finally asking that special person out on a date! Stepping into unfamiliar territory can be intimidating, especially when the risk factors are unknown. But knowing where to risk failure is the key to overcoming the fear of it.

When going after a big God-idea, Bobby Gruenewald, Pastor and Innovation Leader, Life.Church, suggests bringing in people you trust. It is vital to have individuals around who know you well enough to tell you the truth. And give them complete permission to challenge your ideas!

To figure out whether your “wild” idea is worth pursuing, Bobby suggests identifying what you think the risks are going to be by answering three simple questions.

  1. What if people don’t like what you create and don’t want to use it?
  2. What if there is a technology failure?
  3. If people do like it, is your idea sustainable, monetizable?

If you can confidently answer one of these questions, then the idea might be worth taking on. If you feel comfortable with two of those risks, success is more likely. But, if you can confidently address all three risks, somebody is already doing it! Without risk, without the chance of failure, the barrier to entry is too easy.