Seeing Work Through a Kingdom Lens

by | Jul 29, 2021

Chances are you watched this video and are reading this post because you want to be more effective, more efficient, more productive and better equipped to live out your faith at work. That is a beautiful thing, but there is a challenge embedded in that desire. Sometimes we can miss the forest for the trees, or in this case, leap over wisdom to gain new techniques.

Jason began this short video by saying, “Living out your faith at work is probably less of a tips and tricks model, but instead recognizing how the Kingdom of God can infuse itself in all that you are taking part in.” I would encourage you to read that last sentence again.

God is present in your workplace. Jesus announced that “the kingdom is at hand.” The Holy Spirit empowers us to see, experience and uncover signs of the kingdom right now. The Trinity invites us to pursue the common good and human flourishing, to step into brokenness at all levels with confidence that our work matters and has lasting impact.

Work can also be a place where God reveals the idols we have built and the direction He is trying to offer. Jason mentioned control as an idol and discerning God’s direction through turmoil. As you review this last week at work, think about the events, conversations and encounters you had.

  • Where did you experience God’s Kingdom? 
  • How is God trying to nudge you in your current circumstances? 
  • Has God shown you anything that occupies the throne of your heart?  
  • How does the reality of God’s Kingdom shape the way you interact with the challenging person on your team, the difficult problems you are trying to solve and the way you steward all the resources God has entrusted to you?