Success Is Only ‘Part’ of the Story

by | Jul 9, 2019

Success Is Only ‘Part’ of the Story

If your origin story seems small or even wrought with shame, don’t write it off. The key to sustained growth is not in abandoning your roots. When achieved, success is only part of your story.

Faced with an impossible uphill climb to rebuild the temple, the prophet Zechariah implored the people of God not to despise the day of “small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10). He reminded them of all that God had already accomplished, despite their origins, missteps and mistakes. They may have forgotten who they were, but God did not. He remained faithful to His promise to the fractured and exiled kingdom of Israel. And He remains faithful to us today.

Whether you are at the start of a difficult climb right now or reflecting on the genesis of your current situation, remember where you came from. Be proud of the small beginnings. God is faithful; and success, regardless of when you achieve it or how long it is sustained, is only part of your story.

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