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Steve Graves: The Gospel Goes to Work

On occasion, God will put someone in your life that has profound influence. Such is the case with Steve Graves. I met Steve in 2002 and he quickly became my faith and work mentor and an early WorkMatters Board Director. Steve has been a global pioneer in the...

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Let’s Just Say No

We’re all running around frantic and crazy, searching for meaning and purpose, all while complaining that our lives are out of balance. Because our lives are all out of balance people are now running around shouting about balance. While this conversation is...

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Leading Through Personal Adversity

The longer I live, the more obvious it becomes that it’s impossible to separate our personal life from our work life. Especially when we’re dealing with personal adversity. We can bottle it up and try to hide it, but it is still there. We still bring it with...

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Vacation – 7 Ways to Live, Love and Learn

This morning is day five following an incredible beach vacation with my my wife, Theresa and our two sons Dylan and Tyler. Beach vacations are just different, aren't they? So much more relaxing and introspective than other trips you may go on that are full...

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Flourishing in the Cracks: Making Time for Joy

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your time thinking about the things you actually have time to do versus the things you wish you had time to do. As a matter of fact, if you ever ask me how I’m doing, I’ll probably say, ‘Great! I’m just SO busy...

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