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Choose to Live a Flourishing Life

So many of us live moment to moment. We do our best to accomplish the tasks we have to get done each day. We are constantly trying to balance the diverse elements of our lives at home and at work. Each day is a new battle. And before we know it, we string...

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Ordering Your Private World

Do you get strung out with the amazing pace of your life? I feel it everyday. I talk to business leaders who consistently express their anxieties and frustrations with their often-chaotic lifestyle. Our work is demanding and full of pressures. We strive to...

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Getting Paid to do What you Love?

Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s the thing most of us want, but can’t figure out how to do. Most of us give up on that dream and let gravity pull us in the way that best suits our life and family needs. You know…money, title, image, success. But, does it have to...

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5 Realities of a New Job

  How long has it been since you started a new job? Before you make a job change, and especially if you are changing companies, you may want to consider a few simple truths. I was reminded of these truths this week as a CEO and I shared life stories...

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How to Turn Busyness into Productivity

Isn’t it interesting how busy everyone is today? Perhaps you recap your life in a sentence like this, “Things are crazy busy! I am so behind at work. My house is a mess. I can’t remember the last time I went out with my friends.” Sound familiar? Perhaps you...

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12 Essential Faith at Work Podcasts

Looking for some faith at work inspiration for your daily commute? We’ve got just the thing for you. Here's a list of our 12 most popular podcasts for your faith at work journey. Each one features biblical leadership principles from top executives leading a...

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