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What’s Wrong with Discipleship?

WorkMatters chose Multiply as our “One Word” for 2016. Since then, the idea of growth through multiplication has permeated most of our conversations. We want to reach as many people as we can, as far as we can, in the biggest mission field on earth – the...

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Don’t Focus on the Fruit

If you are a follower of Christ then you are in the Kingdom of God and live by its values. Sometimes those values line up nicely with what our culture appreciates. And sometimes they’re counterintuitive. Abiding with God at work is like that. A few weeks ago...

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Influence at Work: Every One Counts

I recently visited the last session of a Leadership@Work Study group that was completing Esther: A Leader of Influence. I don’t often visit the last session of this workplace Bible studies, but when I do, it’s always a blessing to hear participants share...

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Do You Talk too Much?

Do you talk too much? Do you want to flourish in your life at work? Then here is one of the most powerful leadership principles you can learn: … talk less, ask more questions and listen with wisdom. We could end this blog right there. I am a people person. I...

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How to Flourish in Difficult Circumstances

Is your ability to flourish tied to your circumstances? Don’t click away just yet. This is a question that most of us would probably answer with a quick “no” but actually live as if our answer is “yes.” Let’s rephrase. Do you flourish in tough circumstances?...

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