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Love – The Greatest Force at Work

Love is not only appropriate at work, it's essential. Strategy, leadership, competitive edge, systems, vision, marketing savvy, industry expertise, strong financial management, integrity, teamwork, communications, relationships - these are all elements of...

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How to Make Your Work an Act of Service

Each day you go to work, your head is probably filled with all that you have to tackle along with unresolved issues from the day before. Meanwhile, there are people in the cubicle or office right next to you, people you interact with online or on the phone...

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Making Tough Decisions Using Your Company Values

  The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. (Proverbs 11:3) Do you use your company values on your faith-and-work journey? Several months ago I wrote a post about using your company values as a means...

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Who is Your Dad?

All of us have a father. And all of us have (or had) unique relationships with our father. Some are very, very close relationships. Some are estranged with no relationship at all. Most lay somewhere in between those two extremes. I meet with my mentor once...

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Three Keys to Godly Grit in the Workplace

When Mike Thompson and I wrote Forging Grit, a fictional story that illustrates this critical quality for leadership success, here’s how we defined it: Grit is a passion for getting something done and the fortitude to see it through even when obstacles seem...

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3 Necessary Traits of a True Servant Leader

Servant leadership is a term often used to describe serving others while leading. While some might say the term is an oxymoron and has ambiguous meaning, I’d like to share how I saw this practically lived out. Two weeks ago, we hosted our largest event of...

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