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3 Ways to Avoid Bully Leadership

My alarm went off early one morning to a painful Focus on the Family story about a man who grew up in an orphanage. As I laid there captivated by the horrific childhood picture he was painting, I was drawn into his description of the bully system in the...

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Are You Your Real (Christian) Self at Work?

A 2012 study found that one third of Americans believe “religious freedom in the U.S. has grown worse in the past 10 years” (33%). By 2015, that number grew to four in 10 (41%). However, as this belief increases, so does the need to have more intentional...

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One Word That Can Change Your Life

Throughout my life, I have been a veracious annual goal setter. I have been known to create a multi-page document each December detailing my goals in each element of my life, including faith, husband, father, work, church, community, etc. Did it work?...

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7 Encouraging Scriptures for Facing Uncertainty

We all face times of uncertainty, especially in our work. Maybe there’s a threat of job loss, perhaps it doesn’t look like you’re going to hit your financial goals, or a big account isn’t going to come through. Whatever the uncertainty is, it can feel like...

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