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Are You Focusing on the Right Things at Work?

The enemy has many ways he can attack us at work. One of the ways I am attacked most is distraction. Satan knows my weaknesses and can use them to take my focus away from God’s will or the task at hand and instead focus on sinful, wasteful pursuits. I came...

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Facing Your Giants in Life

Stop. Force yourself to think about this question. It could change your life. Who or what is a Giant in your life? We all have them. But we try not to look at them. We try to ignore them. We try to work around them. Why? Because of one word…FEAR. We’re...

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Leading Fearlessly at Work

“Fear not! Fear not! God is here.” I sat in the pew as the chorus of four-year olds belted out the melody. The pre-school Christmas program is as strong a wintertime cultural staple in the South as Santa Claus and eggnog. And it was getting to me. Am I...

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Leading Through Personal Adversity

The longer I live, the more obvious it becomes that it’s impossible to separate our personal life from our work life. Especially when we’re dealing with personal adversity. We can bottle it up and try to hide it, but it is still there. We still bring it with...

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How Much Do You Actually Include God at Work?

Ask yourself this question: How much do you actually include God in your work each day? Our team recently went through a faith-at-work study called The Switch by Doug Spada. There was one question in that book that really stood out to me – “what percentage...

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