Taking the First Steps Toward Intentional Faith and Work

by | Dec 23, 2015

Every great journey begins with one step. As you think about how to better live out your faith at work, you are probably trying to decide where to start. One of the first steps every Christian marketplace leader must take is to commit to being an intentional leader.

Jesus was incredibly busy during his ministry, but we see several instances throughout the gospels when Jesus found himself called to divert from his plan and be present for people in specific situations.

Here are three examples of Jesus’ intentionality that we can adopt in our faith and work:

  1. Jesus was intentional in his prayer. Throughout the gospels, we find several examples of times where Jesus withdrew from the crowds and spent time in prayer. As a leader looking to start your faith and work journey, it’s important to pray for your work every day. Here is a great blog to give you some ideas on how you can pray for your work.
  2. Jesus was intentional in serving others. We have all had those instances where we saw that someone needed help, but ultimately decided we were too busy and went about our business instead. I’m as guilty as anyone else.Jesus’ example in Luke 7 serves as an inspiration for me. He was just finishing up the 22-mile trek from Capernaum to Nain when he sees a casket being carried away with a weeping mother following closely behind. After a long day of travel, I am anxious to get off my feet and get settled into my room. Jesus did not let his weariness distract him, but had compassion for the woman and raised her son from the dead.Now think about your work. How many times have you seen a co-worker who needed some compassion or maybe just a little help on a difficult task? Perhaps one of your frustrated coworkers needed someone to listen to him and pray for him. Look for these moments and be intentional to serve.
  3. Jesus was intentional with his words. I admire people who are eloquent in their speech. They always know the right thing to say. Jesus displayed this poise as he led with excellence through tense encounters with the Pharisees.James 3 uses the example of the relatively small size of a rudder compared to the ship. The same way a small rudder guides a massive ship, your tongue guides your life. Be intentional with your words, recognizing how powerful they truly are.

Christian marketplace leaders are intentional leaders. With the responsibility of reflecting Christ authentically in our secular marketplace, we must strive to seek out the unique, divinely appointed opportunities we have to love the people our work surrounds us with. You never know when you have been placed in the exact right place at the exact right time “for such a time as this.”