The Roadblock to Sharing Your Faith at Work

by | May 10, 2019

Speaking the truth in love is Paul’s charge to Christians, to the church of Ephesus – and by extension, us – to make absolutely every effort we can to maintain unity in our community.

As Christians, we need to hold one another accountable so our collective witness is an accurate representation of the One we serve. Speaking truth in love promotes unity in the body of Christ.

We are the only Bible some of our coworkers will ever read. If your Christian boss is unkind to the team, how can you lovingly point her toward a better path? If a coworker talks about how impactful worship was on Sunday and in the next breath tears down the character of a peer, how can you call him out in a loving way?

In contrast, speaking the truth in love to non-believers is not a command to tell them they’re wrong or to (yet again) point out how you may disagree with their life choices. Such behavior serves only as a reminder to outsiders that they are just that – outsiders.

Think of someone in your office who loves Jesus. If he or she were to call you out, in love, would you be willing to receive it? If you have a coworker who does not know Jesus, find common ground and shared interests. And build relationship from there. The rest will follow.

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